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since 1991

About Nursen

Kdo jsme?

Společnost JECH CZ je výrobcem vysoce kvalitního sedacího nábytku pro zdravotnictví, pečovatelství a ústavní péči.

Naše výrobky splňují nejen vysoké požadavky na bezpečnost, nejvyšší kvalitu materiálů, výroby, ale následně také na pohodlí pro klienty a obsluhující personál.

Tyto výrobky podporují a pobízí k stimulujícím aktivitám a vnímání klientů.

Our story

Our story begins with the courage to take a risk

We built our own production plant in the peaceful and rich countryside of the Eagle Mountains (Orlické hory in Czech) and have been trying to bring this atmosphere to our range since 1991. With the help of leading designers, we work on making sure that our products have the curves of modern design, creating unique collections and seeing our efforts pay off in the satisfied faces of our customers and in the host of prestigious awards that JECH has won down the years.


Quality is at the heart of everything we do

Quality is the cornerstone of our activities and business. We endeavour to maintain the quality of our products and services at the best achievable level during the entire production process of every single piece of furniture, all in compliance with ISO 9001:2008.

Materials & Responsibility

Upholstery fabrics of the highest quality

We use fabrics made by leading global manufacturers which meet all important standards and at the same time look attractive. They are easy as far as maintenance and hygiene is concerned.

Chili (fabric) uniquely combines sustainability with superior fire safety. Made from 75% post-consumer recycled flame retardant polyester, the fabric sets new environmental standards for fire retardant fabrics. Vita (Vinyl) provides maximum protection for heavy-duty end-use areas in sectors such as contract, healthcare and hospitality.