Made to care

since 1991

Comfort for both, patient and personel

moving on for 360° movement introducing

The COMFORT type backrest

provides relaxation and elements of basal stimulation.


Water-proof material

The material beneath the upholstery is water-proof.


Clean and light design

The chair is also ideal for long hours of sitting in the corridors of hospitals or day care centres.


The protective element

prevents interiors and the armchair from being damaged.


Directional wheel system

The fifth, directional wheel system makes it easier to move straight ahead when there is someone in the chair.


Wheels with a brakelive

The armchair stands on 4 rotating wheels with a brake.


The plastic wheel’s protective part

prevents interiors and the armchair from being damaged.


The handlebar for guiding the armchair

allows someone else to operate the chair and adjust the backrest.


Spacious back pocket

for storing the personnel’s and client’s possessions.


Solid wood frame

with a wide range of wood-staining options.


Depth-adjustable seat

Enables people of different heights to choose from different seat depths.


There is a hygienic gap

between the seat and the backrest.


The folding footrest with anti-slip surface

to support the feet of the person being moved, makes it easier to get into and out of the chair, and provides a natural stop against involuntary movement of the armchair.


Position controlled

by the person sitting in the chair.Backrest and foot rest can be controlled from either side.


Justable backrest and a leg rest

The armchair has an adjustable backrest and a leg rest. Position can be adjusted by a person sitting or standing behind the chair.


Adjustable armrests

Armrests can be set at five different heights.


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Made to care since 1991

Nursen is a manufacturer of high-quality seating furniture for health care, nursing care and institutional care.

Nursen products meet not only the most stringent requirements for safety and quality of the materials used in the production process, but also for the comfort of both clients and personnel.

Nursen is a part of JECH CZ s.r.o., which was established in 1991 and has always been a fully family-owned company.

  • Pavel Jech (CEO) Pavel Jech (CEO)
  • Marek Jech (CSO) Marek Jech (CSO)
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