upholstery & finishes

functionality, comfort, safety

Upholstery fabrics of the highest quality.

We use fabrics made by leading global manufacturers which meet all important fire safety standards, are anti-bacterial and at the same time look attractive and are easy as far as maintenance and hygiene.

The fabrics are characterised by colour brightness and fastness in light. They are also exceptionally resilient to wear and tear, maintaining their attractiveness even when used intensively.

Further evidence of their suitability for hospital and nursing home environments is their resilience to standard disinfecting methods.

The fabrics do not lose their properties through washing, frequent use or aging of the material.

They meet the important international fire protection standards DIN 4102, BS 5852 crib 5 and others.

Antibacterial and anti-mould surface finish

The surface finish of our products meets the most stringent European standards (fire protection, migration of monitored particles, safety, antibacterial effect against bacteria and fungi).

fire resistance