Anti-bedsore system

Bedsore is a term used to describe different types of poorly-healing, open wounds that can occur in people that are unable to move themselves and thus change the areas they put bodily pressure on.

Long periods of pressure leads to compression of the blood vessels and damage to a certain region of the skin, which sees a deterioration in the supply of tissue with nutrients and oxygen. The skin and deeper tissue then begins to slowly die.

Prevention is most important in terms of bedsores. This consists of eliminating the causes of bedsores, meaning regularly repositioning the person affected, providing him/ her with sufficient nutrition, making sure that hygiene is good and using special anti-bedsore aids for people at risk.


Special foam with a memory effect is used in the armchairs’ anti-bedsore system. The foam used was invented by NASA and products

made using it are particularly suitable for people suffering from spinal conditions because of their outstanding plasticity and minimal point pressure. They also have anti-bedsore effects. Minimising the point pressure in particular places is further enhanced by special profiling. Profiled foam fully adapts to the shape of the body and spreads the strain out evenly.

This variant is subject to a surcharge: see price list.